The video melts your heart, A dog's tears are poisoned to stimulate the anger of animal lovers

Tears of a poisoned dog stimulates the anger of dog lovers
The unidentified attackers killed dozens of dogs inside the waterfall park to the east of central Alexandria, putting poison inside the food.
  • Vito lenses show a group of dogs being poisoned lying on the ground by drinking toxic substances that were put into operation in the foods they eat. The dogs were completely uninjured, confirming the fact that they were killed by the poison

  • My colleagues and I saw a real tragedy that reflected the ugliness and cruelty of the human heart for animals, ”said Rana Mohammed, a middle school student.
  • I saw a lot of dogs poisoned in the vicinity of the Waterfall Park in Bab Sharki. We also saw the eyes when one of the dogs fell after taking poison from the body. His tears flowed, causing me to cry and colleagues.

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Thank you for your concern about animals, you are kind, help, rescue animals.

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